Private Capital Raising

Expanding Access to Capital

Conventional lenders have long been, and continue to be, a low-cost source of capital. Unfortunately, the banks are not “one-stop-shops” for capital.  Whether due to lending limits, collateral exhaustion, borrower fatigue, out-of-favor industries, or lack of a track record, a non-bank solution can often supplement conventional lending. Private capital starts where conventional lending leaves off.

The private capital raised can take many forms, including senior debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, preferred equity, common equity, or convertible equity.

Angle Advisors specializes in helping companies obtain financing to fund (i) growth, (ii) acquisitions, or (iii) refinance current borrowings.  In doing so, we work with our clients to obtain the most cost effective form of capital in order to maintain operating and financial flexibility.

Our Active Role Yields Success

  • Working with the client to develop a detailed financial model
  • Analyzing the client’s objectives to develop the best capital structure
  • Developing the investment thesis and positioning the company
  • Preparing compelling offering materials to generate confidence and interest
  • Targeting the right institutional investors and lenders for the capital sought
  • Responding rapidly and completely to information requests
  • Negotiating definitive agreements and driving best terms
  • Benchmarking terms and conditions against similar transactions