Our Approach Makes Us Unique

Each and every company we work with is unique and deserves a process that is tailored to meet our client’s objectives.  Rather than running the same process for all companies, we find that a customized and creative process is necessary in order to adhere to our client’s interests while developing a best-in-class outcome.  While we leverage our deep industry experience and knowledge for all or projects, we also must realize that not all situational aspects are always consistent for similar companies in the same industry.  Therefore, we focus on remaining thoughtful, thorough, and open-minded in understanding our client’s business and developing our marketing approach and positioning strategy.


Innovative M&A Methods

Angle Advisors utilizes a variety of result-driven methodologies.  We are analytical, taking our clients’ circumstances and making the most of their assets, market position, and inherent strengths. We are innovative, developing cutting-edge methods for sharing information while maintaining confidentiality, minimizing business disruption, and maximizing attention.

Thorough Approach

In the depth of 2009’s economic malaise, Angle Advisors invested its time meeting with investors throughout China to support Western market capital-raising initiatives.  In the worst capital markets of recent memory, our “won’t take no for an answer” mindset, energy, and perseverance generated alternatives and first-of-their-kind results amid the global economy’s bleakest hours.

Open-Minded Approach

We approach each endeavor on a “no preconceived notions” basis. The market changes rapidly. We maintain current information in order to provide the timely, accurate advice necessary for current needs. What works today requires accuracy, practice, access and a tenacious angle towards success.

Situational Experience

Angle Advisors’ experience covers the best and worst environments with respect to internal and external business factors. Timing, capital availability, management capacity, customer momentum, and growth potential (just to name a few) conspire for and against success.  Using our full scope of proprietary Key Value Drivers ©, Angle Advisors points to over 200 specialized methods, solutions, and results

Angle by the Numbers

188 deals completed since 2009

90%+ completion rate on sell-side mandates

79% of our sell-side transactions are to strategic buyers

83% of our deals have an international element1

49% of our clients are large corporations

1. International buyer, seller, or location of target business