Overview of our Firm

Angle Advisors is an independently owned investment bank. We provide merger & acquisition advisory, private capital raising, and related financial analytical services. Our clients include multinational corporations, privately-held companies, private equity funds, and public sector entities. Our global transactions are supported by nearly 40 professionals in the United States, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom.

Broad Experience & Global Reach

Our team of nearly 40 professionals bring “big name experience” and diverse industry expertise to the middle market.  Our professionals come from well-recognized institutions such as Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, Dresdner Kleinwort, Barclays, Arthur Andersen, Morgan Stanley, PwC, Bank of America, Rothschild, and Commerzbank.  We maintain deep experience across a number of industries including vehicular, electronics, oil & gas, metal processing, consumer products, chemicals, industrial manufacturing, among many others.  Our dedicated team of professionals possess a wide variety of educations and backgrounds, including bulge-bracket investment banking, public accounting, engineering, private equity, consulting, commercial lending, and industry experience.  With offices in the U.S., Germany, U.K., and China, our global presence and diverse language skills support meaningful cross-border transaction activity and execution capabilities.  In fact, we develop international buyer alternatives in nearly every transaction and 81% of our transactions have had an international element.

Innovation in Finding the Right Angle

We are known for innovation in M&A and apply these methods to achieve outstanding outcomes.  By establishing design, process, and product differentiators, along with unique market approach methods, we help top buyers develop interest more rapidly and funding sources appreciate the rationale for action.  We combine this innovation with a focused service offering and a global approach.  From global markets to specialized, “quiet processes”, numerous first-of-a-kind and best-in-class successes distinguish us in North America, Europe, and Asia.  We routinely succeed where others have failed.  Strong client relationships result from doing what we say we can do, often when no one else can.

Outstanding Completion Credentials

Our proven track record of achieving best-in-class outcomes is well-evidenced by an over 90% completion rate on sell-side mandates.  We accomplish this by leveraging our industry expertise, including that of our high-caliber advisory board, and tailoring each process to achieve the optimal outcome.  We are able to gain direct access to and attention from the key decision makers across the globe through our industry relationships and reputation.  Furthermore, we have a demonstrated history of running tailored processes to achieve best-in-class results.  Not every company is the same, and therefore not every process should be the same.  Our extensive completion experience and repeat business results from consistent success positioning businesses for best-in-class results.  We have a demonstrated history of finding solutions for the most complex transactions.

Unique Qualifications

We are focused purely on providing advisory services.  Since we are not part of or affiliated with a larger institution, we are able to provide independent advice without any conflicts of interest.  We are middle market leaders in the industries we serve and provide a comprehensive offering of investment banking services.  Leveraging our deep industry experience and diverse backgrounds, we are able to bring much more to the table than just a financial toolkit.  Our industry and operational experience includes nearly all relevant products and components, as well as the full breadth of manufacturing processes and services.  The amount of repeat business that we have with our clients helps illustrate their appreciation for our unique qualifications.


 Remarkable Access & Relationships

We maintain unparalleled professional relationships and access to key executives and decision makers within the industries that we serve.  Our strong network of relationships is well-evidenced by the fact that 78% of our sell-side mandates are purchased by strategic buyers, which are usually the best buyers based upon the value they can pay given synergies and other improvements to the business they can realize.  However, strategic buyers tend to be less receptive to acquisition opportunities and as a result are the toughest to approach.  We leverage personal relationships in order to overcome such obstacles and gain access to key decision makers.  In addition to better access, we leverage personal relationships for strict adherence to confidentiality.  Our strong relationships are further supported by corporate clients representing 52% of our sell-side mandates.

Senior-Level Attention & Flawless Execution

We are a top-heavy organization and have multiple partners lead every project.  Our senior-level professionals are in the trenches on every engagement and there is never a “bait and switch” when it comes to project execution.  Depth of experience and day-to-day focus from senior level project leaders is a key differentiator of ours, and one of the primary tenets to ensuring flawless execution and best-in-class results.  Further, we take the time to fully understand the technical aspects of the products, processes, customers, opportunities, risks, operations, and supply chain of our clients’ businesses.  We pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of the companies we sell (or are looking to acquire) and with the industries they serve.